Freezer Wrap is available in two grades: a 35 pound (57 GSM) and a 40 pound (65 GSM) bleached kraft sheet that have 5 pounds (8 GSM) of low density polyethylene laminated on one side. Freezer Wrap provides excellent protection for up to one year against freezer burn in frozen food applications. Since polyethylene is an integral part of the finished sheet, Freezer Wrap is an excellent sheet for products with high moisture content. Norpak's Freezer Paper is ideal for wrapping fresh fish, poultry and cheese. Freezer wrap also makes an excellent wrap for noodles and is used extensively in the pasta industry.
  • Microwavable
  • Pencil, Pen, Felt tip/Sharpie®, and Tape friendly.
Stock Sizes
Rolls: 15", 18", 20", 24" @ 1,000 linear feet

Sheets: 13"x21", 15"x15", 18"x18"

Freezer Wrap can be ordered to any customer's specifications (sheets and rolls) with minimums required.

Freezer Wrap can also be printed in up to six colors.
Product No.BWSizePackWeightCubeUnits/SkidUPCSpec sheet
F15FPLT35/4015 x 1000'1 Roll170.555678787900224
F18FPLT35/4018 x 1000'1 Roll210.665678787900225
F20FPLT35/4020 x 1000'1 Roll230.735678787900334
F24FPLT35/4024 x 1000'1 Roll280.95678787900226
F15FP40/4515 x 1000'1 Roll200.6356787879000545
F18FP40/4518 x 1000'1 Roll240.7556787879000781
F20FP40/4520 x 1000'1 Roll270.8456787879000972
F24FP40/4524 x 1000'1 Roll32156787879001030
F30FP40/4530 x 1000'1 Roll391.252878787900121
F36FP40/4536 x 1000'1 Roll471.52878787900159
G1182540/4515x151000 Sheets240.54078787900352
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