White Butcher Wrap is designed to have a high resistance to meat blood penetration. The sizing agent uniquely aids in blood holdout. The treated paper helps absorb the extra juices that run out. White Butcher Wrap has unique blood and water hold out properties for wrapping meats and other moist products. With its high tear and burst reisistance, this paper helps prevent bones breaking through the wrap. The primary markets for this grade are food service and super-markets. Many restaurants use white butcher as table covers.
  • 40 pound (65 GSM)
  • Treated with a hold-out agent
  • Tan label
  • Microwavable
  • Pencil, Pen, Felt tip/Sharpie®, and Tape friendly.
Product No.SizeDescriptionWeightCubeUnits/SkidUPCSpec sheet
F15TWB15 x 900'40# White Butcher Wrap150.75678787900189
F18TWB18 x 900'40# White Butcher Wrap180.855678787900190
F24TWB24 x 900'40# White Butcher Wrap241.15678787900191
F30TWB30 x 900'40# White Butcher Wrap301.42878787900192
F36TWB36 x 900'40# White Butcher Wrap361.72878787900193
F1520TWB15 x 2040# White Butcher Wrap501.043078787900232
F1824TWB18 x 2440# White Butcher Wrap501.13078787900194
F20TWB20 x 900'40# White Butcher Wrap200.955678787900335
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